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Navigating Wind Insurance in Alabama: What You Need to Know

Wind insurance is not a common consideration for Alabama residents, but this is where The Mitchell Agency LLC comes into play. We are here to provide Alabama home and business owners with all of the tips and pointers that they need when it comes time to protect their property. Our primary objective is to remove all of the guesswork, so take a moment to read on and learn more about what you need to know.

Are Alabama Residents At Risk of Wind Damage?

There is no area of the United States that is completely free of risk in this regard. Alabama’s residents must be on higher alert than most, though. The southeast region of the country is one of the riskier areas, so wind insurance is an absolute must. Windstorms can take place at any time, and no home or business owner wants to be left picking up the pieces.

What About My Current Homeowners Insurance Policy?

In Alabama, your current homeowners’ insurance policy may provide coverage from wind-related damages, but this is not an assumption that you should be running with. However, these policies are not a catch-all all, and there may be gaps that you are not aware of. Consult a professional so that you have the chance to find out more about these potential coverage gaps before it is too late.

How Do I Choose a Wind Insurance Policy?

The policy that you select should be reviewed as carefully as possible before you sign on the dotted line. What are your coverage levels? Are there any exclusions that you need to be aware of? These are choices that need to be made before a storm has taken place, not after.

At The Mitchell Agency LLC, we pride ourselves on offering Alabama home and business owners the help that they need. If you have any further questions about a potential wind insurance policy, pick up the phone and give our team of professionals a call as soon as possible.

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