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What is Wind Insurance?

Homeowners are shocked about the level of property damage caused by a windstorm. The type of insurance coverage you possess is based on the policy’s wording. The Mitchell Agency LLC of Alabama can assist in determining if you have the right amount of wind insurance.

How Wind Insurance Works

Wind insurance is a specialty coverage for homeowners in the coastal and valley regions. It protects policyholders from property damage caused by high winds, hailstorms, and gales. Astute homeowners add wind insurance to their existing home insurance policy. Often, the coverage pays for all damage to the property, home, and personal possessions. However, wind insurance does have a time limit for when a policyholder files a claim. Thus, inspect all detached structures away from the home, including roof damage and blown-out windows following a storm.  

What Does Wind Insurance Cover?

Wind insurance comes in many varieties, as the policy’s wording differs according to your region. Typically, a homeowner is protected from most high-wind storms. The policy covers all damage to the home, other property structures (garage and sheds), and swimming pools. However, if you live in a coastal region deemed a high risk for hurricanes, you may be excluded from purchasing wind insurance. Also, wind insurance does not cover vehicle damage.

How to File a Wind Insurance Claim

To file a wind insurance claim, you must act quickly or risk losing financial relief. Read your policy agreement to confirm the time frame for filing a claim. It is best to take photos or a video of all the property damage. Also, insurance providers will request a contractor to inspect the property and provide a written estimation of the damage caused by the windstorm. You may hear from a claims adjuster about scheduling an appointment to inspect the property.

Protecting your property should be your top priority. The Mitchell Agency LLC of Alabama can help you create a wind insurance policy that meets your needs. Our knowledge and experience will help protect your investment. Call and schedule an appointment today!

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