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Common Commercial Insurance for Lawyers

At The Mitchell Agency LLC, we serve Alabama businesses with the commercial insurance they need to protect their liability and finances. Lawyers require additional insurance coverage that other types of businesses would not.

Insurance that Attorneys Need

Attorneys require unique coverage, such as business equipment, cyber, and malpractice coverage. If their office has employees, workers’ compensation coverage is also necessary. Many lawyers purchase life and disability insurance to cover themselves and their employees. Let’s examine each of these options.

Business Equipment Coverage

Business coverage safeguards a business’s day-to-day operations. Attorneys operate offices with business equipment, workers, office furniture, and other assets. Their business equipment insurance covers replacing or repairing business equipment damaged or destroyed in a peril named in the policy.

Cyber Coverage

Attorneys maintain client information databases, including names, addresses, financial data, medical information, and more. Cyber coverage protects them from liability if their database or virtual office gets hacked.

Malpractice Insurance

Although some people associate this coverage with doctors, lawyers also need malpractice coverage. It pays for the settlement if a court or the bar association finds them negligent in processing a case or client representation.

Workers’ Compensation Coverage

An attorney with employees needs workers’ compensation coverage, also known as workers’ comp insurance. This coverage pays for an employee’s medical care if they incur an injury on the job or develop an illness due to workplace exposure. It covers everything from slip and fall accidents to asbestos in the workplace.

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If you are an attorney in Alabama, contact The Mitchell Agency LLC today for an insurance review. We can help you ensure that your business carries the proper insurance to protect its financial assets.

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