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Strange Things Covered By Homeowner’s Insurance

You are probably aware that your homeowner’s policy covers the structure of your home and your belongings. However, you may find some of the things that are covered quite surprising. At The Mitchell Agency LLC in Alabama, we offer homeowner’s insurance. 

Falling Objects 

Have you ever imagined a meteor falling from the sky and into your home? This probably isn’t a concern that keeps you up at night. However, your homeowner’s insurance will cover the damage if it does happen. This coverage applies to any object falling from the sky, including satellite debris, meteors, and airplanes. 


Unfortunately, burglaries do occur. If your home is broken into, your homeowner’s policy can cover any stolen or damaged items. It can also cover the cost of replacing your doors and door locks if they have sustained damage. 

Identity Theft 

In 2021, 9% of Americans fell victim to identity theft. Most homeowner’s insurance policies offer identity theft protection. Your policy may cover any unauthorized charges to your account and legal expenses. 

Injuries on Your Property 

Accidents happen. Should a guest sustain an injury on your property, you may be responsible for the medical expenses. You may also have to cover lost wages and other associated costs. 

Your homeowner’s policy typically covers these costs. This includes medical expenses due to slips and falls, dog bites, and other forms of injury.

Spoiled Food 

Should the food in your fridge spoil due to a power outage, your homeowner’s policy can cover the cost of restocking your fridge. The cost of replacing all these food items at once can be quite high, and you may not realize how expensive these items are until you have to restock everything. 

Homeowner’s Insurance at The Mitchell Agency LLC

If you need homeowner’s insurance in Alabama, contact us at The Mitchell Agency LLC. Our experienced agents will discuss your needs and goals and help you select the right policy. 

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